Kastellorizo Day Tour

This one day private boat tour of the Greek island of Kastellorizo (as known as Megisti, or Meis in Turkish) starts and ends in Kastellorizo’s harbour. It is ideal for visitors already staying on the island, who would like to explore its formidable coastline by sea.

Depart from Kastellorizo Harbour around 10am.

Local Islands 10:30am

Start with a short cruise over to a circle of five rocky islets midway between Kastellorizo and the Turkish mainland. There we’ll find an ideal spot for snorkelling, with crystal clear sheltered waters also popular with scuba divers. A WW2 shipwreck lies below the surface, teeming with fish.

Blue Grotto 11:30am

Heading south down the east coast of Kastellorizo, we moor just outside the cave. From here you can swim or be transported in the zodiac through the narrow entrance, into a wide deep cavern, which glows a mystical blue from the morning sun reflecting through the water. The water is cold but the light of this stunning natural wonder will be a highlight of your holiday memories.

French Harbour 1pm

Warming up again in the sunshine, we rest in this deserted natural inlet, with steep sided cliffs. Here we’ll prepare the on-board barbeque, while you relax in peaceful sunshine or dive into the deep calm sea.

Agios Stefanos Bay 4pm

We’ll cruise to the north west tip of the island, to the site of a tiny monastery dedicated to St. Stephen. Now abandoned, the monastery is the setting for a local festival every August. It’s possible to climb ashore to investigate the chapel; alternatively this serene location is perfect for chilling out in the sun, rocked by the waves with an occasional refreshing dip.

Kastellorizo Harbour 6pm

Return to the harbour.

Note: a Turkish visa is not required for this cruise; however stepping onto land at the local islands is not permitted, as these are part of Turkey. However swimming among the islands is allowed.