Greek Island Cruises

We now offer private gulet cruises among the Dodecanese Islands of Greece. These cruises are ideal for visitors arriving to, or staying on Greek islands such as Rhodes, Kastellorizo or Kos. You'll enjoy peaceful remote locations and unspolit nature, far from the noise and traffic of tourist resorts.

The itineraries below are just a sample; all cruises can be customised to suit your desires and available time.

Kastellorizo Day Tour

This one day private boat tour of the Greek island of Kastellorizo (as known as Megisti, or Meis in Turkish) starts and ends in Kastellorizo’s harbour. It is ideal for visitors already staying on the island, who would like to explore its formidable coastline by sea.

Symi Island cruise from Rhodes (3 day cruise)

This 3 day private gulet cruise departs from the Greek island of Rhodes, and explores the island of Symi. Symi is ideal for yacht cruising, as it is largely untouched by mainstream tourism. The steep coastline offers many peaceful inlets and small beaches, with warm crystal-clear waters, backed by pine trees.