Greek Island Tour (Kastellorizo/Meis)

This day cruise from Kaş harbour visits the Greek island of Kastellorizo (called Meis in Turkish). Kastellorizo is the most easterly island of Greece, 125km from the next island, Rhodes, but just 6km from Kaş. The islanders have a strong connection to Kaş, and come each Friday to buy fresh fruit and vegetables in local weekly market.

Typically we’ll depart from Kaş harbour around 10am.

Blue Grotto 11am

The Blue Grotto or Blue Cave is the natural highlight of Kastellorizo. Located on the south eastern coast of the island, it is only accessible by sea. The narrow cave entrance set into a cliff is barely 1 metre above the water, so guests can either swim inside or be transported by zodiac. One inside, the cave opens up to a startling 50 metre long cavern. The morning sun filters inside through the sea, giving the cave an unworldly atmosphere.

French harbour 1pm

Heading north from the Blue Cave, we’ll stop at a remote cove known as the French harbour. This steep-sided inlet is an ideal spot for a shipboard barbeque lunch, prepared while you relax on the sunloungers or take another dip. Alternatively you may choose to take lunch in a waterside tavern at Kastellorizo’s harbour.

Agios Stefano 3pm

After lunch we’ll move around to the north-western cape of Kastellorizo, where a small bay contains a tiny monastery to St. Stephen. Although now abandoned, the chapel is the site of an islanders’ festival each April. This wild green headland with its tiny rocky beach is the perfect place to enjoy a long slow afternoon, munching on fresh fruit and sipping a glass of Turkish tea or perhaps a beer.

Five Islands 5pm

In the late afternoon we’ll start heading back to the Turkish mainland, but make a final stop in this circle of small islets. This is a snorkelling beauty spot, as the calm and shallow waters play host to an abundance of marine life. A World War Two shipwreck is strewn across the bottom of the sea.

Kaş Harbour 6pm

Return to Kaş harbour.

This Kastellorizo day trip starts and ends in Kaş harbour. If you are already staying on the island, we also offer a day cruise starting and finishing in Kastellorizo.

Note: currently Turkish citizens need a valid Schengen visa (or green passport) to visit Meis. For the last few years, 15 day visas-on-arrival have been available for Turkish visitors to the Greek islands. Please contact us for the latest information on arranging visas.